Brendan Benson: ‘I keep getting dropped!’

The Raconteurs guitarist speaks out about his new solo album 'What Kind of World'

Brendan Benson has spoken to NME about his forthcoming new album, ‘What Kind of World’, saying the reason he is releasing it on his own record label is because every other label he has been on has dropped him.

The singer songwriter, who also plays in The Raconteurs, releases ‘What Kind of World’ on April 23. His fifth solo album, it will be available through his own label Readymade Records, who have joined up with British indie label Lojinx for the UK release. Benson said to NME of his current situation: “It’s the usual story with me – every album that I’ve recorded, I’ve had to find a new label… I just keep getting dropped!”

He explained that he had Readymade Records’ name since the days of his first album, but has only now set it up. “I’ve decided to go it alone,” he stated. Based in Nashville for the past five years after moving from Detroit – following in the footsteps of bandmate Jack White – Benson’s last solo album, ‘My Old, Familiar Friend’, was released in 2009.


‘What Kind of World’ was recorded at Nashville’s Welcome to 1979 analogue only studio – “because it sounds better, honestly” – and Benson produced it himself. Of his decision to do so, he said: “I haven’t had much luck working with producers and I think I’m to blame for that. I don’t mean that I’m a control freak… or maybe I am when it comes to my own thing, I don’t know. Working with The Raconteurs would prove that theory wrong – it was very collaborative. I just have more fun doing it on my own, I guess.”

As well as releasing Benson’s own music, Readymade will also put out the debut album by Young Hines. “He’s from Georgia, he’s a Georgia boy,” said Benson. “[his music is] kind of all over the place. He’s just one of those guys that it’s easy to hate, because he writes brilliant song after brilliant song. It’s maddening. I’m a huge fan – I’ve covered one of his songs, ‘Only In A Dream’.”

Brendan Benson will be touring Europe in May. Scroll down for a free download of album track ‘Bad For Me’.

The ‘What Kind of World’ tracklisting is:

‘What Kind of World’
‘Bad for Me’
‘Light of Day’
‘Happy Most of the Time’
‘Keep Me’
‘Pretty Baby’
‘Here in the Deadlights’
‘Met Your Match’
‘Thru the Ceiling’
‘No One Else but You’
‘Come On’
‘On the Fence’

Brendan Benson – Bad for Me by lojinx