Brendon Urie says first Panic! At The Disco split left him ‘very depressed’

Ryan Ross and Jon Walker left the Las Vegas band in 2009

Brendon Urie has spoken about the impact the first Panic! At The Disco split had on him emotionally and mentally.

Guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker left the Las Vegas band in 2009, one year after the release of their second album, ‘Pretty. Odd.

Appearing on the latest episode of Neighbourhood Of Good, Urie explained: “The first split than Panic! had, I was very depressed. I sometimes wouldn’t leave my house for weeks.”


The musician said it was producer Rob Mathes, who he described as one of his “greatest friends and greatest mentors”, who gave him a key piece of advice that helped him get through that period. “He said, ‘Dude, just show up. If you just show up, things will happen – this isn’t about you. Get out of your head,'” Urie said.

“And I just started showing up to the places that people were asking me to go and great things started happening. You know what matters? People being happy.”

Earlier this year, Panic! At The Disco released their sixth studio album with ‘Pray For The Wicked‘.  In a four-star review, NME said: “The sounds here are zanier, basking in the neon glare of the Vegas Strip, as though Urie has bunged the gigantic hooks of modern pop – think Dua, Kehlani and Cardi B – in a cocktail shaker with old-school swing and jazz, throwing back to the hedonistic age of Prohibition.”

Meanwhile, earlier this month, former bassist Walker revealed his dad had found CDs with demos of lost songs on them. “They are weird and dense and beautiful and pre-weed,” he wrote on Twitter. “I hope someone gets the ok to post them…”