Brett Anderson: ‘Talking about a new Suede album is very premature’

Singer says it's too early to make promises about recording new material

Brett Anderson has gone back on his statement that Suede would be recording a new album together in the near future.

In September the singer told Xfm: “After I’ve promoted this solo album [‘Black Rainbows’] I intend to be writing a new Suede album.”

However, talking to BBC 6 Music today (October 6), he said he regretted saying that and felt that it was “premature” to talk about a new album.


Anderson said that so far the band have got as far as “throwing demos around”, but no further. He continued: “We’re just going round each other’s houses and sitting around with acoustic guitars and having cups of tea. It’s a very early stage, none of us want to jump back on the machine unless we’re really enjoying it and doing it for the right reasons.”

Although the band reformed for gigs in 2010 and played a number of shows this summer, they haven’t released a studio album since 2002’s ‘A New Morning’. But Anderson said he believed the old spark could still be there, adding:

I think that we could make a great record, it’s as simple as that. But I haven’t written with Suede for a long time. As long as there’s magic there then we’ll give it a shot.