Brian Eno to reissue four albums with unreleased music

'Nerve Net', 'The Shutov Assembly', 'Neroli' and 'The Drop' will be re-released via All Saint Records on December 2

Ambient legend Brian Eno has announced he will re-release a series of albums dating back to the early-to-mid ’90s.

Eno will reissue ‘Nerve Net’ (1992), ‘The Shutov Assembly’ (1992), ‘Neroli’ (1993) and ‘The Drop’ (1997) via All Saint Records on December 2. Each album will come with a bonus selection of unreleased material.

‘Nerve Net’ comes with ‘My Squelchy Life’, a previously ‘lost’ album from 1991. ‘The Shutov Assembly’ is issued with seven unreleased recordings originating from the same sessions. ‘Neroli’ is coupled with ‘New Space Music’, an hour-long piece of drone music, while the reissue of ‘The Drop’ will include a bonus disc of nine tracks previously used for Eno’s 2006 ‘77 Million Paintings’ exhibit in Japan.


All the albums will be reissued on vinyl, apart from ‘Neroli’ and ‘New Space Music’ – because Eno didn’t want to split the tracks up.

Earlier this year, Eno teamed up with Underworld‘s Karl Hyde for collaborative album ‘Someday World’ in May and its follow-up ‘High Life’ in July.

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