Brian Eno: ‘I could never tour with Roxy Music again’

'It's simply not my temperament to look back,' says producer

Brian Eno has quashed hopes of a Roxy Music reunion tour by insisting he “never” wants to go on the road with his old band again.

The celebrated producer, who played on the band’s first two albums in the early ’70s, was not part of their live shows in 2011 and, in an interview with the Independent, said he had no interest in playing with the group in the future.

He said:

It’s simply not my temperament to look back, which is why, for example, I could never tour with Roxy Music again.


Eno also revealed that had received offers for a reunion tour but said “I keep telling them I don’t want to do it,” although he also said that his refusal to rejoin his former bandmates had not caused any ill will. “No, no,” he added. “They are nice people; they understand.”

He also spoke about some of the bands he had chosen to produce and said they receive unfair criticism, and singled out U2 in particular. “Some of their best songs are fantastic, and you can’t argue with that,” he said. “You can’t. I was in a taxi the other day when ‘With Or Without You’ came on the radio, and I just thought, ‘Bloody hell, that’s good.’ Because it is!”

Eno, who has also produced records for a long list of bands including Talking Heads and Coldplay, releases his new album ‘Lux’ today (November 12).