Brian Eno to release new album on Warp Records

Former Roxy Music man's album expected later in 2010

Brian Eno is set to release a solo album on the Warp Records label.

The LP is set to feature guitarist Leo Abraham and electronic composer Jon Hopkins, reports

Abraham has said that the album “contains the fruits of several years of jams between the three of us. I’ve not heard anything quite like it – it sounds ‘live’ and ‘alien’ at the same time. Some things have been permitted to survive, which only Brian would have had the courage to let go, and it’s so much the better for it”.

Full details of the album are yet to be announced by the dance label, although a website,, has been set up where fans can sign up for updates.

Eno found fame with Roxy Music in the early ’70s, but is now better known as a producer, having worked with the likes of U2 and Coldplay.