Brian Eno launches interactive website to accompany ‘The Ship’

The producer describes the project as an “generative film”

Brian Eno has launched an interactive website to accompany his new album ’The Ship’.

The producer describes the project as an “generative film” which explores the themes and music of the album, released earlier this year on Warp.

According to a press release, it is intended to “begin an internal discussion about how historical meaning is produced”.


The project was created in collaboration with Dentsu Lab Tokyo, a team created in 2015 which “is engaged in the development of new forms of expression”.

The piece sets out to answer the question: “Does the machine intelligence produce a point of view independent of its makers or its viewers? Or are we – human and machine – ultimately co-creating new and unexpected meanings?”

‘The Ship’ was released on April 29 via Warp.