Brian Eno to ‘examine the ecology of culture’ in fifth annual John Peel Lecture

Electronic music pioneer will deliver the speech in London during September

Brian Eno has been announced as the guest speaker for this year’s John Peel Lecture.

The annual event, named after influential Radio 1 DJ John Peel, sees a keynote speaker sharing their views on issues relating to the music industry and its wider culture.

The inaugural lecture was given by The Who’s Pete Townshend in 2011, with Billy Bragg, Iggy Pop and Charlotte Church taking on the task in subsequent years.


A statement from the BBC says that Eno will “examine the ecology of culture” and “show how cultural processes confer essential and important benefits on society”.

Discussing the news, Eno has said that Peel “had a profound effect on my musical life and indeed my becoming a musician at all”.

He added: “His career as a non-musician who altered the course of music has been an inspiration to me and forms the basis of this talk.”

Eno’s lecture will take place during the Radio Academy’s Radio Festival at the British Library in London on September 27.

The speech will be broadcast on both BBC 6 Music and BBC Four.


Meanwhile, Eno recently voiced his support for Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn at a rally held in London earlier this month (August 3).


British politician Corbyn is leading the opinion polls in the Labour Party leadership race, ahead of rivals Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, following the resignation of Ed Miliband after this year’s General Election.

Eno gave a speech, declaring Corbyn his preferred candidate during a talk at the Camden Centre in London, hosted by Corbyn.

Addressing criticism that Corbyn isn’t strong enough to win an election, Eno said during his speech: “I don’t think electability really is the most important thing. What’s important is that someone changes the conversation and moves us off this small-minded agenda.”