Listen to Brian Eno’s satirical new song ‘Everything’s On the Up With the Tories’

Your election day soundtrack is sorted

Brian Eno has released a satirical new track, ‘Everything’s on the Up With the Tories’, just in time for this week’s general election.

As the UK prepares to go the polls on Thursday (December 12), Eno has served up a song which ridicules the Conservatives and their policies.

All proceeds made from the two-minute, sing-song track will go towards aiding the homeless, Eno has confirmed. “Everything’s up the creek with the blue boys,” the chorus sings at one point. “They’re selling the NHS to the cowboys.”


You can watch a video for ‘Everything’s On the Up With the Tories’ — which was uploaded to the official YouTube account of American Gods writer Neil Gaiman — below.

Gaiman accompanied the video with the caption: “This appeared mysteriously on my computer tonight. It might have come from a mole in Boris Johnson’s office. Obviously, Brian Eno, Jason Webley, Jherek Bischoff and Amanda Palmer had nothing whatever to do with it. Vote tactically. Vote wisely and humanely. But for god’s sake, vote.”

Eno is the latest artist to release a general election-themed song this week, with Plan B sharing ‘First Past The Post’ in an effort get young people involved in this week’s vote.

Over the weekend, fans of Blur reacted angrily to Alex James’ admission that he can’t bring himself to vote for Labour while Jeremy Corbyn is their leader.