"No-one's got any taste in fucking music. The country's fucked, the people are fucked."...

Ex-EAST 17 vocalist BRIAN HARVEY launched a scathing attack on the record-buying public yesterday (October 17) and declared Britain to be “fucked” after hearing that his new single ‘LOVING YOU’ looked likely to barely scrape into the Top 20 this weekend.

Speaking to NME.COM, an exasperated Harvey appeared on the verge of tears, saying: “I’m never going to succeed, I feel like I’ve had the carpet pulled from underneath me. Other people who can’t even sing have all the support, but it’s just never going to happen for me. It’s all just bollocks really.”

He added: “This country’s disgusting, full of fucking hypocrites. No one’s got any taste in fucking music. The country’s fucked, the people are fucked.”

When asked how he felt about Wyclef Jean’s recent proclamation that he was one of Britain’s best vocalists, he said, “I was flattered, but I just wondered how much he’d been paid. I really don’t know if he meant it – who knows what goes on in a guy’s head, eh?

Of his sacking from East 17 over his infamous Ecstasy comments, he said, “The only answer I will give is that I’m only human.” He then angrily said: “I was just a scapegoat, I was only young. He (the manager) wanted me to fail, he wanted me out.”

He finished by issuing a plea to record-buyers: “Don’t be scared to buy it just because it’s by me. Much love to the fans – if there’s still any out there,” he said.