Queen guitarist Brian May urges fans to ‘get up off your ass and vote’

May calls for 'colourblind' voting and continues his Common Decency project

Queen guitarist Brian May has urged people to vote ‘colourblind’ at the General Election on May 7.

Encouraging voters to support “the people, not the party” May spoke out against the “corrupt” and “broken” political system in Britain alongside the Green Party’s Brighton Pavilion candidate Caroline Lucas. Speaking in Brighton yesterday (April 13), May said:

“It’s politics without colour. It’s colour-blind politics. What we are saying is do not assume that your vote will be wasted, get up off your ass and vote.”


“I think this is a very crucial election,” May continued. “I think it’s different to anyone that’s been before because for the first time the internet is all-powerful. It’s much harder for politicians to get away with the deceits that they used to get away with.”

The Queen guitarist runs the Common Decency project and campaign. Outlining the project’s ethos, May previously said it would push to “get rid of the current government” and the MPs who were in Parliament for reasons other than “representing our interests”.

“I believe there are good people currently in Parliament, of all political colours, MPs that deserve to be returned in the next election,” he wrote on his website. “But there [are] also many people in there dedicated to hanging on to old unfairnesses, powered by selfishness and vested interests, and this element is what needs to be thrown out with the dirty washing.

“We need an assembly of altruistic, morally decent, non-career-minded individuals who will not be influenced by personal gain or the colour of their tie as they approach the ballot box.”

May is a staunch animal rights campaigner, having protested against the badger cull, as well as the Tories’ attempts to bring back fox hunting.