Slash and David Attenborough to feature on new Brian May single ‘Badger Swagger’

The release follows the Queen guitarist's earlier track 'The Badger Song' in protest at the government’s plan to cull badgers

Queen guitarist Brian May has announced details of a new track to promote his ongoing campaign against the UK government’s decision to cull badgers in a bid to reduce tuberculosis in cattle.

The song – titled ‘Badger Swagger’ will feature a host of guest collaborators under the group’s guise Artful Badger & Friends. Among those featuring on the track include former Guns N’ Roses axeman Slash, Massive Attack’s Shara Nelson, and Sir David Attenborough. The track will be available to download from tomorrow (June 4).

The track’s creator, music producer Rob Cass said in a statement: “To me all nature is beautiful. This track is my humble contribution to stopping the needless slaughter of badgers. I met the ‘Artful Badger’ team on a demonstration to stop the cull a few months back and we decided the best way we could help was to do what we do best, make music. We reached out to Brian May, Slash, Shara Nelson, Sam and The Womp, Sonny Green and lastly the wonderful David Attenborough, all people who care about animal welfare to contribute and they all did so happily and bringing their fabulous talents to the table. I’m very proud indeed to be a small part of this incredible team.”

David Attenborourgh said: “So the government instituted a major enquiry to establish scientifically the facts that involved culling 11,000 badgers. And the results, by the government advisor to that independent scientific group were – that culling is NOT a viable policy option.”

‘Badger Swagger’ follows May’s previous protest song ‘The Badger Song’ which featured Brian Blessed. This weekend (June 1), May led thousands of on a march through London to protest against the badger cull.