Brian May feels “grateful to be alive” after his stomach exploded

"I had a bit of a bad time all-round – it sounds amusing really. A catalogue of disasters"

Brian May says he feels “grateful to be alive” after a number of health issues including a heart attack and exploding stomach.

Back in May, the Queen guitarist told fans that he had been “very near death” when he was hospitalised after doctors discovered that three arteries in his heart “were congested and in danger of blocking the supply of blood” to his heart.

In September, he also revealed that the drugs he was on to aid his recovery had caused “a stomach explosion that nearly killed me”.


Speaking on Good Morning Britain this week, May spoke of his ongoing recovery, saying: “I had a wonderful, wonderful surgeon, and I’m so grateful to be alive. I had three stents in me, which are working just fine, and I feel good.”

Calling the stomach explosion “shocking,” he added: “That was the point where I nearly lost my life, not the heart attack, strangely enough.

“You have to be so careful with the medication that they give you, because it’s great for the stents, it’s great for the heart, but it’s not very good for the rest of your body and you can really go down. It’s a tightrope.”

He added: “The worst thing that happened was the stomach haemorrhage, and I lost an awful lot of blood all at one time and just was wiped out. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t get across the floor. That was the worst point for me. But I had a bit of a bad time all-round – it sounds amusing really. A catalogue of disasters.”


Along with his catalogue of health issues in 2020 so far, Brian May also recently lauded firefighters back in August after a forest fire broke out near his Surrey home.

“Today we were able to begin to thank the amazing firefighters who risked their lives to contain this huge and treacherous wild furnace on the heath land of Sunningdale Golf Course – which actually adjoins my property,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Yesterday, I was rescuing as many precious things from my house as was practicable, under threat of the whole thing going up in flames, but praying that the horror would not happen.”

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