Brian May slams “awful woman” Theresa May over fox hunting support

The Queen guitarist has long been a champion of animal rights

Brian May has criticised Theresa May over the Prime Minister’s renewed support of fox hunting.

The Queen guitarist took umbrage with May after the latter announced yesterday (May 9) that she would allow Conservative MPs a free vote on whether to bring back fox hunting if the Conservatives win the snap General Election next month (June 8). The Prime Minister then reiterated that she remains in favour of fox hunting.

Upon hearing the Prime Minister’s staunch stance on the issue, May took to his social media channels to register his disgust with the politician’s latest views.


“It’s official today,” the 69-year-old wrote. “The battle lines are now drawn. This awful woman will bring back blood sports, unless we stop her in her tracks.” See May’s vitriolic posts below.

While May appears to be firmly against the leader of the Conservative party, the guitarist had previously said that he wasn’t totally “anti-Tory”.

Speaking before the 2015 General Election, May revealed that while he wasn’t against the Tories – singling out praise for animal rights advocates Henry Smith or Tracey Crouch – he was staunchly opposed to the party’s then-leader, David Cameron.


“If the outcome is another David Cameron-led government then we’re back in the saltmines,” May said at the time. “Like many people, anything but that would be good.”.

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