Brian Wilson: “LSD fucked with my brain”

Beach Boys frontman tells of voices "saying derogatory things"

Brian Wilson, former singer and main songwriter in The Beach Boys, has spoken about his drug-related mental health issues.

Speaking to The Guardian‘s Weekend magazine, Wilson talked of the period in his life where he heavily used LSD. He was honest about the drug having its drawbacks as well as its virtues.

Accentuating the positives, he noted, “At first, my creativity increased more than I could believe,” but he added, “On the downside, it fucked with my brain.”

The time spent with drugs put Wilson into a fragile state where he heard voices “saying derogatory things”, telling him he was “over” and that soon he would die.


He admits that the voices still continue to this day, noting, “every day” is “a daily struggle”.

The interview in today’s (June 25) newspaper comes a day after the announcement was made that River Road Entertainment is planning a film about the singer’s life.

The film will be written by Oren Moverman, the man behind the Bob Dylan ‘pseudo-biopic’ I’m Not There.

Moverman is also working on a biopic of Kurt Cobain.