Brian Wilson calls up Hurricane Katrina fund-raisers

The Beach Boy is personally ringing up those who are donating money…

Brian Wilson has been personally ringing up fans who have been pledging more than $100 (£56) to Hurricane Katrina victims.

The Beach Boy has been telephoning those who have donated money to the relief effort through his website,, and still has a long list of people to call.

One fan who doubted Wilson’s involvement in the fundraising, challenged the singer to pick up the phone to him to prove it.

According to BBC News, Wilson said: “So I called him up.”

He has promised to call up any other fans who make similar donations and has said that he will match pledges of more than $100 until October 1, with all money going to the American Red Cross.

He explained: “If we get $10,000, we’ll match $10,000.”

The musician has revealed that it is “heartbreaking” to see the devastation to Louisiana and Mississippi and performed earlier in the year at the New Orleans JazzFest.

Wilson said: “I have rarely felt so welcomed in such a wonderful community that has given so much music to so many of us.”

He was also one of a host of acts who took part in the recent Re:Act Now benefit concert in Hollywood to raise money for charities supporting victims of the natural disaster.