Bright Eyes play rare UK club show

Conor Oberst talks new songs, Iraq and mescaline

Bright Eyes showcased new songs from their forthcoming album ’ Cassadaga’ at a rare UK club show tonight (March 16).

Playing London’s KOKO, ahead of the evening’s regular Friday night Club NME, Conor Oberst led his band through an emotionally charged set.

Initially the singer began the night by baffling his audience, as he introduced ’We Are Nowhere’.

“I’d like to notify security there’s a gang of clowns in the dressing room,” he joked. “I don’t know if they escaped from a circus or what happened, but they were funny – too funny!”

However after accepting a pin badge from an audience member in the front row, Oberst – who sporting long hair bore a strong resemblance to actor Jason Schwartzman in ‘I Heart Huckabees’ – quickly rooted himself back in the real world.

“I’d just like you to applaud yourselves and your government for leaving Iraq,” he declared before ’Old Soul Song (For The New World Order)’. “We’re right behind you!”

With the set blending folk tracks with out and out rock n roll blasts, Oberst then cheered the crowd with a few more whimsical observations, even asking them about their drug taking experiences.

“Have you guys ever taken mescaline?” he enquired before new song ’Middleman’. “Back in the 90s I used to wear super-tight jeans until I took mescaline and realised they were uncomfortable!”

With ’June On The West Coast’ concluding the show, Oberst took the opportunity to heavily hint that Bright Eyes will be returning for the UK festival season.

“We’re coming back in a few months,” he explained, seemingly placing his next visit close to this year’s Glastonbury Festival. “Maybe we’ll see you then.”

Bright Eyes played:

’I Must Belong Somewhere’

‘Cartoon Blues’

‘We Are Nowhere’

‘Crazy As A Loon’

‘Old Soul Song (For The New World Order)’


‘Black Comedy’

‘Four Winds’

‘Soul Singer In A Session Band’

‘Tourist Trap’

‘Make War’

‘June On The West Coast’

’Cassadaga’ is released on April 9.