Bright Eyes to team up with Los Angeles Philharmonic

They say orchestra project is like 'music math'

Bright Eyes are set to perform alongside the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl this Saturday (September 29).

The concert has been a labour of love for Conor Oberst – dedicating eight months to the composition of the 60-piece orchestral score – who will play to 17,300 at the venue.

Band member Nate Walcott revealed to Billboard just what a challenge the process has been, arranging parts for 40 strings, 11 brass and 12 woodwinds.

Declaring it almost like “music math” Walcott explained, “It’s hard to do anything on tour, let alone put together 15 arrangements for the Los Angeles Philharmonic.”

The Bright Eyes band member also revealed that the show will comprise songs from the past eight years, many of which will contain orchestral elements.

Although there are no plans for any further orchestral concerts, Walcott has implied he would not be at all surprised if other shows materialised at a later stage.