Conor Oberst to release two singles from two new albums…

Bright Eyes is to release two singles in November, which will then be followed by two new albums at the start of 2005.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs’s guitarist Nick Zinner is to appear on the LPs alongside collaborations with My Morning Jacket’s Jim James and Emmylou Harris.

The two singles, ‘Take It Easy’ and ‘Lua’ will come out on consecutive weeks, while the two albums, ‘Digital Ash In A Digital Urn’ and ‘I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning’ will be released on the same day through Saddle Creek.

‘Take It Easy’ will hit the shops on November 1 with ‘Burn Rubber’ featuring as the CD B-side and ‘Cremation’ on vinyl.

Out on November 8, ‘Lua’ will boast the B-sides ‘Well Whiskey’ (CD) and ‘I Woke Up With This Song In My Head This Morning’ (vinyl).

Bright Eyes’s singer Conor Oberst is planning to play two solo shows in London and Brighton, with further details to be announced soon.