Bright Eyes unveil new album tracklisting

Conor Oberst's gang also announce a string of European dates

Bright Eyes have unveiled the tracklisting for their new album ‘Cassadaga’.

Conor Oberst and his band release new single ‘Four Winds’ on April 2, followed by ‘Cassadaga’ a week later.

The ‘Cassadaga’ tracklisting is as follows:

‘Clairaudients’ (Kill or Be Killed)

‘Four Winds’

‘If the Brakeman Turns My Way’

‘Hot Knives’

‘Make a Plan to Love Me’

‘Soul Singer in a Session Band’

‘Classic Cars’


‘Cleanse Song’

‘No One Would Riot for Less’

‘Coat Check Dream Song’

‘I Must Belong Somewhere’

‘Lime Tree’

[a]Bright Eyes have also announced a series of European dates around the release of the album.

The band play:

Oslo Compolite (March 22)

Stockholm Debaser (24)

Berlin Columbia Club (26)

Cologne Gloria (27)

Paris Cafe de la Danse (30)

Amsterdam Melkweg (31)