Bright Light Bright Light unveils Vince Clarke remix of ‘Running Back To You’

Featuring Elton John

Bright Light Bright Light has unveiled a huge remix of his track ‘Running Back To You’ by Vince Clarke. Hear it first on NME below.

The epic reworking by the former Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure man only amplifies the ambitious 1980’s rush of the track – featuring Elton John on guest vocals and a true highlight of Rod Thomas’ acclaimed 2016 album ‘Choreography’.


“When I started Rocket Management three years ago we brought in a stable of acts and Rod was one of them,” Sir Elton John told The Independent of their relationship. “I met him a couple of times at a few Christmas parties and he was very shy; eyes down at the ground, and quiet. The Elton effect is always intimidating, I’m afraid– I hate it – and for Rod, I think initially there was an intimidation factor. At the time, he was a singer-songwriter and didn’t really know where he wanted to go, and we parted company as far as management went.”

He continued: “All my true friends don’t treat me as Elton, but as an equal. Now he doesn’t stand on ceremony and if he thinks I’m doing something and he doesn’t like it, he’ll tell me. I’m always playing him new stuff of mine and asking, what do you think? Even now that I’ve made so many records and I’m successful, I have moments of complete self-doubt and he’ll sit me down and tell me the truth.

“He makes the music I’d like to make but don’t know how to, so when he asked me whether I would consider singing on his new record, “I Wish We Were Leaving”, I said I’d love to. But I’m a bit of a Luddite and I’m not electronically minded. So I said, “You write the song and put the track down and if it fits my voice, I’ll do it.” It fit perfectly; I love singing miserable songs if they’re done well.”