Bring It On: Gomez reissue debut album to mark 20th anniversary


Gomez have announced the reissue of their Mercury Prize winning debut ‘Bring It On’, to mark 20 years since its initial release.

The four CD collection will be released on April 18, and features a remastered version of the record, along with 35 previously unreleased tracks including rare demos, BBC sessions and a recording of their Glastonbury set in 1998.

It’s also set for release on double vinyl and you can pre-order it here.


“No other record captures that period so perfectly”, Elbow’s Guy Garvey said of the reissue.

“The concerns of the songs. The stories, the experimental sounds. It was so brave for a band to record themselves at that time: it allowed a direct and undiluted account of the band as aspirational, big-hearted friends in love with making music and each other. It dared us to record ourselves. But they did it first. It’s the most deserving recipient of the Mercury Prize in its history: a breathlessly ambitious and lovingly crafted masterpiece. It should be called Bring It ‘The Fuck’ On.

Steve Lamacq, one of the band’s earliest champions on BBC Radio 1, added: ““Gomez came along at exactly the right moment,.

“After Britpop had collapsed in on itself, there was a massive hole on the Evening Session, waiting to be filled. But what we found was, people reacting against the commerciality of the Britpop wave and heading off on all sorts of strange tangents. The audience was really receptive to sounds that maybe wouldn’t have fitted in a few years earlier.”