Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes urges other drug addicts to seek help

Metal singer also lists Blur and Oasis as influences on new album

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes has discussed his history with drug addiction once more, telling fans suffering similar troubles to seek help.

Sykes recently revealed that he entered rehab to overcome a ketamine addiction and went on to write 2013 album ‘Sempiternal’ after getting clean. At his worst, Sykes admitted that drug addiction made him want to kill himself.

Now speaking to Billboard, Sykes has said that there’s “always an underlying problem” for drug addiction and that other addicts should “talk to someone, figure out why you’re addicted”.


“For me, it had to get to its absolute worst for me to make a change. Hopefully for others, they won’t have to. This may sound like the lamest advice in the world, but talk to someone, figure out why you’re addicted. I don’t believe that people are born or destined to be addicts,” the singer said.

“There’s always an underlying problem, whether it be self-medicating, using it as a coping mechanism, or using it to not feel all together. First figure out what that is, then work out a healthy way to combat the problem.”

“But I can’t stress enough how much talking helps. I was so reluctant at first; I didn’t think it would help. But even if there’s no answer to your troubles, they will seem so much smaller once they leave your head.”

However, Sykes previously said in an interview with Metal Hammer that everyone should do drugs at some point in their lives.

“I don’t regret taking drugs – and I don’t know if I should say it, but everyone should do drugs at some point in their life,” he said.

“You shouldn’t go through your life without experiencing acid, in my opinion. It used to be fun, it used to be an adventure. That’s why I did all those drugs.”


‘That’s The Spirit’, Bring Me The Horizon’s fifth album, was released last month (September) and sees the band move further away from their early days as a metalcore band.

In the Billboard interview, Oli Sykes also lists Blur and Oasis as influences on the LP.

“The digital aspects are inspired by artists like Björk and Massive Attack,” he said. “But we have a real love for ’90s Britpop – bands like Oasis and Blur. Everything inspired us on this record: classic rock, hip-hop, jazz, stoner, doom.”

Bring Me The Horizon recently confirmed they have added five extra dates to their upcoming UK tour, including two dates in Birmingham.

The metal band will hit the road in November. In addition to the dates confirmed earlier this month, Bring Me The Horizon will also play Southampton, Glasgow and Bristol. Additionally, the band will play twice in Birmingham on November 29 with a matinee performance in the afternoon taking place before a regular evening gig.

The band previously confirmed arena gigs in Edinburgh, Doncaster and Cardiff as well as a huge London date at Alexandra Palace on November 28.

Bring Me The Horizon will play:

Southampton O2 Guildhall (October 31)
Glasgow O2 Academy (November 24)
Edinburgh Corn Exchange (November 25)
Doncaster Dome (November 26)
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena (November 27)
London Alexandra Palace (November 28)
Birmingham 02 Academy (November 29 – matinee)
Birmingham 02 Academy (November 29)
Bristol O2 Academy (November 30)