Bring Me The Horizon on Libertines chart battle: ‘They’re not worried about us. But they should be’

Frontman Oli Sykes says his band are the underdogs in race for UK Album Number One

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes has commented on his band’s current chart battle with The Libertines and Stereophonics.

Despite describing his band as the underdogs, Skykes warned that neither The Libertines or Stereophonics should discount them from reaching the top spot, adding, “They’re not worried about us. But they should be.”

Bring Me The Horizon’s fifth album ‘That’s The Spirit’, Stereophonics’ ninth studio album ‘Keep The Village Alive’ and the first Libertines album for eleven years, ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’ are all currently in the running for the number one spot in the UK Album chart, which will be revealed on Friday (Sep 18).


Speaking to NME, Skykes explained that although he felt ‘That’s The Spirit’ would “be a big album wherever it gets to in the charts”, a number one spot would introduce the band to more listeners and also be an important win “for rock music as a genre.”

“It’s not an egotistical thing. That’s not why we want it,” Sykes explained. “At the end of the day I believe this album’s gonna have longevity and be a big album wherever it gets to in the charts, whatever happens to it in the first week. It’s gonna be big and do great things for us. But I still feel it matters – if ‘Sempiternal’ went to number one, people might have thought, what’s this at number one? Then listened to it and been like, it’s not for me. This one I believe anyone could like. If it went to number one,we’d turn a lot of heads. It’d be important not just for us but for rock music as a genre, in terms of getting rock music back to the dominant force in pop culture and the mainstream. We’re against big bands like the Libertines and Stereophonics so it’s not gonna be easy…”

Asked his opinion on his rivals, he replied:

“I’m not a fan of those bands. I respect what they do. They’re obviously heavyweights in their respective genres and I’m sure they’re both panicking about whether or not they’ll get to Number One. I think we’re the underdogs, though. Libertines moved their release date because they were scared of Iron Maiden. I don’t think they’re worried about us. But they should be.”

The UK number one album will be revealed by Greg James on the BBC Radio 1 chart show this Friday.

Produced by band members Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish, ‘That’s The Spirit’ features 11 songs recorded in Santorini, Greece at Black Rock Studios. Following the sessions, the project was later mixed in London and mastered in New York. ead the NME album review here.

The record follows on from Bring Me The Horizon’s 2013 LP ‘Sempiternal, which has sold over half a million copies worldwide to date. The group recently released a live DVD of their performance at Wembley Arena, titled Bring Me The Horizon: Live At Wembley.