Bring Me The Horizon and Royal Blood preview new music as they warm up for Metallica at Leeds

Band's play Main Stage sets prior to US metal band's headline show

Bring Me The Horizon staked their claim for promotion to headliner status with a confident Main Stage set at Leeds Festival 2015 tonight (August 30).

The band’s set began with a health & safety parody video in which any fans with concerns about their wellbeing were told to “please leave now.” The infomercial style clip also warned fans to expect to see flares, smoke bombs and molotov cocktails.

Frontman Oli Sykes began his campaign to get everybody watching to start moshing almost immediately, shouting “push it back” repeatedly as he instructed fans to begin a circle pit. When the circle was not to his pleasing, Sykes told fans to “pull their tampons out” and try harder.

With new album ‘That’s The Spirit’ due out in early September, Bring Me The Horizon peppered the set with newer material. The energetic ‘Throne’ was indicative of the band’s increasingly mainstream sound which has seen their popularity increase, while set opener ‘Happy Song’ looks set to become a staple of future live sets.

Waves of crowd surfers cascaded over the front barrier during ‘Sleepwalking’ with Sykes waiting to high five every person with a high five while he later went on to call for people to get on top of a friend’s shoulders (“I want it to look like a Bon Jovi concert here”) throughout ‘Blessed With A Curse’

The hour long set ended with another new song as Bring Me The Horizon concluded with ‘Drown’.

Bring Me The Horizon played:

‘Happy Song’
‘Shadow Moses’
‘The House of Wolves’
‘Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake’
‘Chelsea Smile’
‘Can You Feel My Heart’
‘Blessed with a Curse’

NMEAndy Hughes/NME

Prior to Bring Me The Horizon came a performance from Royal Blood, who previewed a new song and pledged to make the crowd “very hungover”.

At 5.45pm on the main stage, drummer Ben Thatcher walked on and operated a hand-crank military air raid siren, before returning to business as usual behind his kit. Joined by guitarist/singer Mike Kerr – looking rock star-esque in sunglasses and a red PVC jacket – the Brighton duo launched their eight-song set with the hard riffs of ‘Come On Over’.

“So who’s got the worst hangover in the fucking world right now?”, Kerr said to a muted reponse. Undeterred, he continued: “No one’s got a hangover? If we achieve one thing today, it’s about change. We’re going to make you very hungover.” He then addressed his bandmate. “Starting with you Ben!”

A swaggering and swarthy ‘Figure It Out’ followed, inciting a maelstrom of circle-pits. Introducing ‘Little Monster’, Kerr said that Thatcher had “came here to destroy”. With the audience successfully warmed-up, he then introduced a new track – first premiered at Reading last night – called ‘Hook Line and Sinker’, which featured a instantly memorable juggernaut chorus of ‘Say my name again/You’re caught in the middle “caught out in the middle”.

A muscular version of ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’ followed, with Kerr peacocking across the stage and puckering his lips. Surveying the packed Branham Park field, Kerr took time to thank “every single person for coming down.”, remarking “there’s a lot of people here.” Before ‘Loose Change’, he indulged in the classic Reading/Leeds audience-baiting. “When we come offstage, we’re going to have a conversation that goes ‘Who’s better? Reading or Leeds?’”, he said. “It’s a real conversation we’re going to have. So what are we going to say? Which is better?”

The band ended with an extended ‘Out Of The Black’, as Thatcher removed his chain, scaled the barrier then hurled himself into the crowd. Returning triumphant, he resumed his position behind his kit, as Kerr pumped out the hookline to Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’. Gazing over proceedings, he punched the air ecstatically and exclaimed. “Thank you Leeds. You fucking rule.”