Bring Me The Horizon premiere new album ‘That’s The Spirit’ at Reading Festival

Sheffield band kick up huge circle pits on the Main Stage

Bring Me The Horizon premiered a series of new songs from their forthcoming album for a spectacular show on the Main Stage at Reading tonight (August 29).

Playing ahead of Metallica, the Sheffield band greeted fans with a spoof cartoon, which urged the crowd to take “narcotics before the show starts” in a female tannoy voice which added: “Open this fucking place up.”

Singer Oliver Sykes then arrived onstage and shouted: “Is that what you call a circle pit? Reading are you fucking ready? Let’s go.”

NMETom Martin/NME

The band then tore into new track ‘Happy Song’ from their forthcoming new album ‘That’s The Spirit.”

They went on to debut ‘Throne’ and ‘Drown’ too in a set which saw plumes of smoke fired from the stage.

Urging the crowd to constantly form mosh pits, Sykes and his band also dipped into their back catalogue as they performed ‘Shadow Moses’, ‘The House Of Wolves’, ‘Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake’ and ‘Can You Feel My Heart’, the latter of which saw the singer call on the crowd to “get a mobile or lighter out and hold it up.”

Bring Me The Horizon played:

‘Happy Song’
‘Shadow Moses’
‘The House Of Wolves’
‘Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake’
‘Chelsea Smile’
‘Can You Feel My Heart’
‘Blessed With A Curse’

Metallica are up next on the Main Stage. Check back on NME.COM for a full report