Bring Me The Horizon reunite with former guitarist Curtis Ward during Wembley Arena gig

Band played their biggest headline gig to date in London last night (December 5)

Sheffield metal band Bring Me The Horizon turned the SSE Arena Wembley into a giant moshpit for their biggest ever show last night (Dec 5), and reunited with former guitarist Curtis Ward.

Circle pits broke out before the band had even taken the stage for frenzied opener ‘Shadow Moses’ and singer Oli Sykes demanded “at least four” for ‘The House Of Wolves’, accompanied by confrontational images of war, religion and death on the enormous white backdrop.

Sykes roused the crowd throughout, insisting the crowd bang their heads to ‘Alligator Blood’ and organising a wall of death charge during ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ and saying “I’d like to high-five you all, I think everyone should crowd-surf over these barriers so I can see your beautiful faces” ahead of a dramatic ‘It Never Ends’.


Sykes was in typically foul-mouthed mood, stating that ‘And The Snakes Start To Sing’ is “a song about bastards” and screaming “fuck someone in the eye!” as a second wall of death broke out to ‘Chelsea Smile’ from 2008’s ‘Suicide Season’ album. But he turned emotional when he knelt down and said “we’ve been a band for ten years and it’s given us a lot of time to think. We know you want us to play a song we really don’t want to play, but we’re gonna play it as long as everyone makes a lot of noise for Curtis Ward”.

The ex-guitarist, who left the band in 2009, emerged to a rapturous reception to play on rare fan favourite ‘Pray For Plagues’, the opening track from their 2006 debut album ‘Count Your Blessings’, during which Sykes instigated another wall of death with a cry of “split this fucking place in two!”.

The 13-song main set wrapped up with Sykes telling the crowd “if you don’t give a fuck put your middle finger up” for ‘Antivist’ and crowd-pleasing single ‘Sleepwalking’, before the band returned for a three-song encore culminating in ‘Can You Feel My Heart’, after which the band lingered onstage to have their photo taken with the crowd.

Bring Me The Horizon played:

‘Shadow Moses ‘

‘Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake ‘

‘The House of Wolves ‘

‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ 

‘It Never Ends’ 

‘And the Snakes Start to Sing’ 

‘Alligator Blood ‘

‘Empire (Let Them Sing) ‘

‘Chelsea Smile’ 

‘Pray for Plagues’ 
(with former guitarist Curtis Ward)
‘Blessed with a Curse ‘



‘Hospital for Souls’ 


‘Can You Feel My Heart#

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