Watch Bring Me The Horizon teach a grandmother to scream, metal style

Recent TV appearance on weekend showed Oli Sykes giving lessons

Bring Me The Horizon appeared on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on the weekend (March 5) where they taught a fan’s grandmother how to scream.

The band – who released their critically acclaimed ‘That’s The Spirit’ LP in 2015 – appeared on a segment of the Saturday night TV show, broadcast weekly on ITV.

A fan’s grandmother was given the chance to hang out with the band at the NME Awards 2016 with Austin, Texas and took the chance to ask frontman Oli Sykes to teach her how to scream. Watch below for the results.


Recently, at the NME Awards 2016 with Austin, Texas, frontman Oli Sykes jumping on Coldplay‘s table as his band played live. Scroll below to watch footage of the incident.

While performing ‘Happy Song’, Sykes ventured out into the audience and clambered onto the table Godlike Genius recipients Coldplay were sitting at. Sykes kicked over glasses and bottles with Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland moving to avoid the spillage.

Speaking to NME after the incident, keyboardist Jordan Fish said: “I don’t think [Oli] was aiming for Coldplay. It was just whoever was nearest, it [just] happened to be Coldplay”.

Sykes himself explained: “I had no sound in my ears so I thought ‘Well, there might be sound out there.’ There weren’t sound out there so when I came back there was a table, which I got on. There wasn’t any sound on there, but it was a bit more energetic up there. It was in no way a protest against Coldplay. “


Bring Me The Horizon won the NME Innovation Award on the night, with drummer Matt Nicholls describing it as the “best award we’ve ever got”, and saying that he would “shove it up my arse”.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin, meanwhile, said he had never heard of Bring Me The Horizon before the performance but that “it was great, very rock n roll.”

See the incident below.

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