The Maccabees on Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Everyone was hoping that the table fell’

Metal band trashed Coldplay's table during their NME Awards 2016 with Austin, Texas performance

The Maccabees have reacted to Bring Me The Horizon lead singer Oli Sykes’ actions during the band’s performance last night at NME Awards 2016 with Austin, Texas.

The band’s frontman jumped on Coldplay’s table while playing ‘Happy Song’, smashing glasses and kicking drinks to the floor, eventually causing the table to collapse.,AAAAABumiUU~,CmZu1qzq0Nydx8DqfQUoDJv2_kpwyWWq&bctid=4762949575001

Speaking immediately after the event, Maccabees frontman Orlando Weeks said Sykes’ stunt was to be expected. “Surely they [Coldplay] thought as part of their evening someone was going to do something,” he argued.

“If anyone can take it [it’s Coldplay],” Weeks added.


Some at the event speculated Sykes’ actions were a pre-planned publicity stunt. Weeks’ bandmate Felix White said, “It’s impossible to get that angry in that short a space of time. Impossible. So when you watch it, you’ve got to think it’s a pre-conceived thing.”

Weeks didn’t condemn the singer though. Speaking after The Maccabees picked up the award for ‘Best British Band’, the frontman said, “I think it’s entirely right to make a point by getting on a table.”

Although he later admitted that “a tiny bit of everyone in the room was hoping the table fell weird and he had a stumble.”

Bring Me The Horizon were at the event at O2 Academy Brixton to collect an Innovation Award, which was presented by host Huw Stephens.

Drummer Matthew Nicholls said: “We’re not one for making words. Thanks NME,” while Sykes gave the thumbs up.

Speaking to NME after the incident, Coldplay’s Chris Martin said he had never heard of Bring Me The Horizon before but that “It was great, very rock n roll.”

Watch the full interview with The Maccabees below.

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