Watch Bring Me The Horizon guide you through new album ‘amo’ track-by-track

Watch above as the band go deep on their bold and adventurous new album

“Somehow, that’s still an issue for our band,” Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes tells NME about fans’ attitudes towards their ever-changing sound. “After 15 years, it’s still an issue that we don’t have blastbeats in our music anymore or that we’re not heavy – even though we’ve broken all these barriers and achieved things musically that I never thought we would.

“At the same time, a kid on social media can just go ‘This is complete shit’ and I’ll be like ‘You little bastard’.”

You’re in for a shock, metalheads – their new album ‘amo‘ is as far from their deathcore roots as you can imagine. Inspired by love, divorce, and death, it’s a blend of rock, pop, electro, trance and even a dash of hip-hop that sees them break free from the shackles of expectation and blossoms as songwriters.


Watch above as Sykes and keyboardist Jordan Fish talk us through the origins, meaning and sound of each and every song on ‘amo’.

Bring Me The Horizon. Credit: Fiona Garden/NME

In our five-star review of ‘amo‘, NME concluded: “It’s proof alone that this band can do what they want and get away with it. There’s nothing as exciting as a surprise that pays off. It ain’t rocket science, it ain’t heavy metal, it’s just class songwriting.”

The band’s next major UK date will be when they headline and curate a day at London’s All Points East 2019. They’ll be joined by Run The Jewels, Yonaka, IDLES and more. Tickets are available here.