Bring Me The Horizon are teasing new music and new lyrics

Is the next chapter of the 'Post Human' era coming soon?

Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes has taken to TikTok to share what appears to be a snippet of a new song.

Last October, the band released their ‘Post Horror: Human Survival’ EP which was meant to be the first of several releases. Talking to NME at the start of the year, he revealed they were “working on parts two, three and four simultaneously” and that they were hoping to “get songs out as soon as we can.”.

Now, it seems like the wait might be over. As well as that snippet, the band have shared another 15 seconds of new music alongside a video that makes references to their last EP and comes with the hashtag “bloodbath”. You can check the snippet out below.


It’s not the only bit of teasing the band have been doing recently either. On their Twitter, they’ve posted the phrase “i k33p h0LdiNG my breATh 4 a m1raCle. h0piNg thE hoLe iN my hEarT w0ULd oF hEaleD s0m3h0W” .


#bloodbath 🚩 #foryou

♬ original sound – BRING ME THE HORIZON

Last month the band shared a video with the caption ‘bAck2wORk’ and Bring Me The Horizon will also be performing as part of Radio 1’s Live Lounge Month this September while their ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’ UK tour begins on September 18.

According to Sykes, we won’t be getting a new album until the band have had a chance to tour their latest record though. “We’ve got so much to play from ‘Survival Horror’ that if we try to release another record before that then it’ll be like: ‘What the fuck do we play?’” he told NME.

Sykes recently appeared on a track with Australian emo artist Daine. It’s apparently his favourite collaboration to date.


Sharing a video of him listening to ‘Salt’, Sykes admitted “I love this song so much I headbutted my phone at the end”.