Bring Me The Horizon say ‘Post Human’ EP series is “still the plan”

The first instalment of what was said to be a four-part series came out in 2020

Bring Me The Horizon have revealed that they’re still planning to continue with their ‘Post Human’ EP series at some point.

The Sheffield band released the nine-track ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’ collection in October 2020, following on from their six studio album ‘Amo’ (2019).

Upon the EP’s release, Bring Me told NME that the project served as the first instalment of a four-part series dubbed ‘Post Human’. Frontman Oli Sykes had previously said the group were “not going to do an album again, maybe ever”.


Last September saw BMTH drop the single ‘Die4U’, which was intended to be the first taste of their second ‘Post Human’ EP. Sykes told NME at the time: “I know what I want [the whole project] to do.

“We’ve got a clear direction that the third one will take, and also the fourth one. All I’ll say is that it’s quite asymmetrical and the fourth one is going to be quite a curveball.”

In May, Sykes said that Bring Me The Horizon had recorded “about 45 songs” that could potentially appear on their next project. They released another new track, ‘Strangers’, shortly afterwards.

Speaking to NME as part of the new Big Read cover story, Sykes said that continuing the ‘Post Human’ EP project “is definitely still the plan” despite some setbacks and a recent shift in focus.

“It’s almost like we’ve been backlogged; now the world is up and running again, in between other commitments such as families, kids, and even my own [Drop Dead clothing] brand, it’s just about finding the time,” the singer explained.


“We are chipping away at it, but I also think we feel as though the bar has been set so high for us. I feel like we have this pretty incredible [live] set now, and any song we write now has to be good enough to justify its place on the setlist.”

Sykes went on: “I’m also so adverse to making music for the sake of consumption. I feel like so many artists just put a song out or do a collab just to make money. I just feel as though there’s not many iconic songs anymore, songs where it’s clear that a lot of graft has gone into them.

“Maybe [Bring Me The Horizon] should be doing that a bit more, like, ‘Let’s get some fucking music out and make some money.’ But, you know, it’s just not in my heart to do that.”

Bring Me The Horizon on the cover of NME
Bring Me The Horizon on the cover of NME

He added: “I’d rather spend three months working on a song in order to put out something special; this is not a case of writers’ block, we’re just taking our time with it and making sure we’re doing something different, which gets increasingly harder as your catalogue gets bigger.”

Bring Me The Horizon’s latest cover interview with NME came ahead of their huge headline performances at Reading & Leeds 2022 last month.

Elsewhere in the chat, they looked back at their storied history with the dual event, talked about bumping into Arctic Monkeys backstage, and how Alex Turner and co’s “fucking cool” live set compares to their own.

In a glowing five-star reviewNME hailed Bring Me for “put[ting] on a blockbuster show” with their Reading 2022 slot.

BMTH are due to embark on a US headline tour next week (find tickets here). A run of rescheduled European gigs will take place in February 2023 – check out the full schedule for those dates here.

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