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Bring Me The Horizon confirm release date of new single ‘Parasite Eve’

Bring Me The Horizon confirm release date of new single ‘Parasite Eve’
Bring Me The Horizon (Picture: Getty)

Bring Me The Horizon have announced that they will release their brand new single ‘Parasite Eve’ on June 10.

The five-piece have been working on the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Amo’ during the coronavirus-enforced lockdown, a project that is set to follow directly on from their December-released ‘Music To Listen To…’ EP.

BMTH frontman Oli Sykes confirmed on his personal Instagram page on Saturday (May 23) that “our new song will be out June 10” in reference to ‘Parasite Eve’ — the phrase that can be seen on the jumper he is wearing in the below post.


A video update from BMTH that also emerged over the weekend (titled ‘oh ni ni ni’) previewed the making of ‘Parasite Eve’, and you can see the clip below.

Another clip, titled ‘new normal’, was uploaded on Sunday and showed further interactions between the band during the lockdown recording sessions.

On Friday (May 22), a Brian Cox-directed video titled ’00BMTHS2-prologue’ featured narration from Sykes in which he updated fans on what the band have been up to during lockdown.

“After it became apparent that the lockdown wasn’t going away anytime soon, we realised we needed to start making music any way possible,” he can be heard saying in the clip, which includes footage shot in Amsterdam back in January.

Sykes explained that the band were able to get down to work on new material during the lockdown by working through remote means. One song they worked on in particular then “really started to take on a new life”.


“Although the inspiration for the song didn’t come from the current pandemic, as we were writing it the similarities started to get weird, I guess,” Sykes says before adding that he believes the message of the song “feels like something we need right now”.

The video, which is also filled with clips from the band’s previous live shows and home-filmed footage from during the lockdown, concludes with Sykes teasing the arrival of new material by saying: “So we’re gonna be sharing our progress with you, you’re gonna see how we write and record remotely, and everything in-between — so watch this space.”

Back in April, Bring Me The Horizon’s Jordan Fish shared a humorous look at the band’s writing and recording sessions for their forthcoming new album.