Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes teams up with experimental electronic group IC3PEAK

‘VAMPIR’ is out now

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes has continued his streak of experimental collaborations, teaming up with electronic group IC3PEAK for their new track ‘VAMPIR’.

‘VAMPIR’ is the first track the Russian audio-visual project have released this year, and it follows on from their fifth album, 2020’s ‘До Свидания’. The song sees vocalist Nastya Kreslina and Oli Sykes singing in both Russian and English over glitching synths.

The duo have previously teamed up with the likes of Tommy Cash, Ghostmane and ZillaKami.


Check out VAMPIR below:

The track follows on from a run of collaborations from Oli Sykes. Earlier this year, he worked with fellow emo-pop artist Daine on ‘Salt’ and Cheat Codes on “depressing pop” track ‘Dummy’.

Bring Me The Horizon also teamed up with Tom Morello for ‘Let’s Get The Party Started’ from the latter’s solo album ‘The Atlas Underground Fire’, while the Sheffield band have also been in the studio with Sigrid. “Just wait ’til you hear what we wrote,” the popstar teased on social media.

Speaking about working with Sykes to NME, Daine said: ​​”I feel like me and Oli have a similar vision for the way we see emo music evolving. We’re both experimental and progressive in our music. Even with people saying, ‘this isn’t heavy’ or ‘this is pop garbage’, we both have a clear vision of where to go.”


Bring Me The Horizon are set to headline Reading & Leeds 2022 alongside Arctic Monkeys, Dave, Halsey, Megan Thee Stallion and Rage Against The Machine.

Speaking about their set to NME, Sykes said: “We’re gonna go hard. We’ll make sure it’s insane. I’ve always said that we’d play it when we’ve earned it, and it’s finally come. We have the songs, we have the bangers, and we might not be a household name but I know that we can put on a show that’s festival-headline quality.”