British EDM artist DJ Plugsy blamed for ‘Balearic brownout’

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Up-and-coming British EDM DJ Plugsy has been blamed for the ‘Balearic brownout’ that plunged many of Ibiza’s superclubs into darkness on Saturday night, during the height of the clubbing season.

The night of intermittent power and – thus – intermittently silent dance floors is said to have cost the world-renowned clubbing resort around £1.5m.


The incident was quickly linked to DJ Plugsy’s performance at off-strip nightclub Scum, where he was bizarrely attempting to play the brightest DJ set of all time. It’s thought his 170,000 strobes, LEDs and ‘blinders’ drained the power grid on the island to such an extent that whole streets were left without electricity.

Those present at Plugsy’s show have described the effect as being “retina-searing”, “brighter than the sun” and “la iluminación del diablo”. Scum owner Juan Moore-Thyme said he regretted booking the DJ.

Following the show, a number of audience members have complained of migraines, sight impairment and hallucinations.

Plugsy’s lawyers, Boome, Bappe and Spinbacke, told NME their client wouldn’t be commenting, but in a string of DMs to NME’s Twitter, the DJ – real name unknown – described those afflicted as “your bog standard rave casualties” and said the spectacle was “awesome”.

DJ Plugsy was bottled off stage at Scum and is thought to have returned to the UK on the first available flight. Local authorities are appealing for information on his whereabouts, and have released an image of the plug-headed DJ to British police.


DJ Plugsy released his debut EP, ‘Volting Ambition’, earlier this year.