British Sea Power say they like to kill Jim Davidson

Band say how they might spend Nationwide Mercury Music Prize money…

British Sea Power have joked that if they won the Nationwide Music Prize, for which they are nominated for their album ‘Do You Like Rock Music?’, they would spend the money on killing Jim Davidson.

Speaking to, guitarist Martin Noble said that they would hire a contract killer to end the life of the right-wing comedian.

“If we won £25,000, I’d get a contract killer and send him after Jim Davidson,” he said.

Frontman Yan Wilkinson added that the nomination was a surprise to him.

“I’m not sure why it’s got more attention, this album,” he said. “We have been chipping away at this old block for a few years, so I think it’s relentless chipping that’s got us here.”

He added: “A lot of people keep saying what an English album it is. It was mostly recorded in Montreal and the Czech Republic, so that’s peculiar.”