British Sea Power are ‘overwhelmed’ by Mercury Music Prize nomination

Band admit they used to be pretty terrible

British Sea Power have said being nominated for the 2008 Natiowide Mercury Prize made them feel a bit touched – because they used to be a “complete shambles”.

The Brighton based indie rockers, who got a the nod for third album ‘Do You Like Rock Music?’, readily admitted they hadn’t always been worthy of such a prize.

Singer and guitarist Scott Wilkinson, aka Yan, said: “When we got the Mercury nomination I felt quite emotional that someone had actually recognised us after all his time. I was overwhelmed.”

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he continued: “It’s like your mum telling you she loves you after 20 years of never saying it.”

The band admit that they weren’t always this good though.

Guitarist and keyboardist Martin Noble said: “At first we were a complete shambles – we couldn’t play our instruments and were always bumping into each other on stage.”

Should the band win, they have revealed what they would do with the winner’s cheque – claiming they’d spend the money hiring a hitman to assassinate right-wing entertainer Jim Davidson.

The winner will be revealed at a ceremony in London on September 9.