The band are aiming to play on an oil rig this summer…

British Sea Power are planning to take to the sea for the first time this summer.

The band are to play on a disused oil rig in the English Channel just outside British jurisdiction known as the Principality Of Sealand.

“It’s a great place, this father and son live there and there’s been little battles on there before where they’ve had to fight off drug smugglers who’ve tried to take it over,” singer Yan told NME.COM. “We’ve always wanted to play there, but it’s quite expensive.”

However the frontman explained the band have found an unlikely benefactor.

“The Monster Raving Loony Party got in touch with us and asked if we wanted to do something silly, so we thought ‘yes’,” he said. “They’ve said they’ll pay for us to play Sealand. We’ll probably write some theme music for them in exchange.”

More conventionally, the band who have just released second album ‘Open Season’, are also set to play several festivals this summer.

“Reading is confirmed,” said Yan. “Glastonbury is touch and go but we really want to do it, I had the best night of my life there last year so hopefully it will happen.”