A newspaper has printed pictures of the star apparently drunk after a night of cocktails and cigarettes...

A GERMAN newspaper has printed pictures of BRITNEY SPEARS apparently drunk after a night of cocktails and cigarettes in the EAST GERMAN city of LEIPZIG.

According to reports in Bild, the squeaky-clean star had been ordering pina coladas and White Russians at the Moritzbastei club since 7pm, with the paper claiming that at one point she lit up a cigarette. The paper has published photographs of the evening, including one in which she is ‘hitching up her shiny pink miniskirt’ while attempting to evade a bodyguard who’s run out to protect her.

Bild dredged up an old Britney quote to accompany the piece, in which she says: “It doesn’t matter to me that you can only get alcohol in the USA when you reach 21. I never drink anyway.”


No-one from Britney’s record company Jive were available for comment.

In other Britney news, a website dedicated to her role as teacher of semiconductor physics has proved an unlikely hit. www.britneyspears.ac includes the information among the usual picture galleries.

According to the website, “Materials can be categorised into conductors, semiconductors or insulators by their ability to conduct electricity. It is a popular belief that insulators do not conduct electricity because their valence electrons are not free to wander throughout the material.”

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