Britney Spears still set to star in movie?

Her dodgy doctor is in trouble with the law though

Britney Spears is still scheduled to be starring in a film called ‘Memoirs Of A Medicated Child’.

Despite recent reports, it appears the troubled singer has not been dropped in favour of the slightly less well known Canadian singer Samantha Falk.

The film’s director, Tommy Parker, stated: “The rumours of Britney not starring in this movie are false…Samantha has been cast in the movie, but her involvement in the film does not affect the part we would like Britney to play.”

However, to add to the confusion, Falk has released a statement saying she has dropped out of the film and Spears is not involved either.

She said: “I would like to say officially at this point that I am removing myself from all dealings with this film/project…to my knowledge Britney Spears is in no way attached to this film at this time.”

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In other Spears news the self-help doctor, Dr Phil McGraw, who offered the singer his expertise after her very public breakdown, is reportedly being investigated by the California Board Of Psychology after a complaint was made that he offered his help without a license.

It now appears he has never been licensed to practice in California – working without a license in the state is illegal.

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