New Britney Spears album ‘sounds like The Weeknd’

Follow up to 2013's 'Britney Jean' is '80 per cent done'

Britney Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph claims the star is 80 per cent through recording a new album and that it sounds like R&B singer The Weeknd.

“[It’s] probably about 80% of the way done. I’m thrilled with it. I spoke to her this morning and she said ‘This is my favourite album that I’ve ever done’,” Rudolph told the Las Vegas Sun.

“It’s different, it’s a turn. The last few albums have been pretty straightforward pop. This is almost like if you can imagine Britney meets The Weeknd. It’s got a really interesting vibe, it’s a lot of really cool stuff.”


Rudolph confirmed that there was no working title yet, but the record is likely to be released later this year.


He continued: “I think people are going to absolutely love it. She sounds amazing on it. She has not sounded better in I don’t know when.

“She’s really excited about it, she’s done a lot of writing on the album and I think it’s gonna be really big.”

Spears’ last album was 2013’s ‘Britney Jean’, which peaked at number four in the US and 34 in the UK.

The singer recently posted a video of herself dancing to Adele’s ‘Hello’, along with the message, “I could dance to this song a MILLION times… Love you Adele!”

She joins the list of famous names sharing tributes to the song since its release over a month ago, which now includes Rick Ross, James Corden, Ellen Degeneres, The Maccabees, Demi Lovato and Lionel Richie, the latter of whom engaged with a meme that emerged after ‘Hello’’s debut.

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