Britney asks dad’s permission to make donation – Tabloid Hell

She gives cash after watching TV show

Britney Spears made a $25,000 charitable donation last night after watching TV show ‘Idol Gives Back’, which portrayed African children suffering from malaria.

The singer reportedly googled the disease after watching the show in tears and decided to make the donation with her credit card.

Under the ruling of the court, however, Spears had to seek permission from her father Jamie Spears, who is co-conservator of her estate until July 1, reports Life And Style.

Meanwhile, the singer will not have a recurring role on ‘How I Met Your Mother’, despite rumours to the contrary.

She made a guest appearance on the show on March 24, but actor Neil Patrick Harris says she will not return.

“She’s not an actress,” he told “She played a role for a week, and did a really nice job, but the workload involved with doing memorisation and the purging of comedy over and over is really, really hard. I mean, it takes a strong skill set to do that every week.”

–By our New York staff.

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