Britney Spears’ court case: jury deadlocked

12 jurors fail to reach unanimous verdict

Jurors in Britney Spears‘ driving trial are stuck in a deadlock with no immediate sign of agreement.

The singer is facing charges for driving without a valid Californian license, following an event in Los Angeles last August when Spears was photographed hitting a parked car and leaving the scene.

After the second day of deliberation, the foreman had indicated that they had failed to meet a unanimous conclusion after just three votes, according to BBC News.

However, yesterday (October 20) it emerged that they were stuck at 10-2, but it was not revealed in which direction they were leaning.

When asked by Superior Judge James A Steele whether more could be done to encourage discussion, the foreman replied: “I think with each return to the assembly room, people become more entrenched in their position.”

The case hinges on where Spears was officially a resident. Defence has argued that since Spears was only temporarily residing in Los Angeles, she did not require a Californian license.

Prosecutors argue that since her address was listed in the city, her Louisiana license was not sufficient.

Spears has exercised her right to be absent from the court.