Britney Spears’ paparazzi problems could spark new law

Los Angeles considering protecting celebs

Britney Spears‘ recent troubles with paparazzi while being escorted via ambulance to hospital could lead to a 20-yard safety bubble being created around celebrities seen as paparazzi targets.

Spears struggled to leave her home safely when her ambulance was surrounded by hordes of photographers last month (January 31).

The pop star had to be escorted by police cars and helicopters to the clinic.

An influential politician, Dennis Zine, has now proposed this new initiative aiming to protect celebrities when they travel around Los Angeles.

The city council will now debate whether stars should be viable for protection by City Hall.

Zine told The Times[/a]: “The Britney Spears case, with police cars and helicopters all becoming involved, was insane. Such clashes have become a hazard to both celebrities and ordinary people.”

This new law would be the world’s strictest anti-paparazzi statute – all profits from any illegally taken photos signed without a consent form would be confiscated.

However problems might arise if this law is passed – many celebrities fake paparazzi ambushes to get media coverage and the ‘Britney economy’ makes $120m per year for US photographers, lawyers, magazines, websites and television programmes.

The development could also pave the way for scandalous politicians looking to make a quick buck.

It is not known when a decision will be made on the proposed law.

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