Britney Spears to appear in MTV documentary

Singer will discuss the 'loneliness of celebrity life'

Britney Spears is to appear in an MTV documentary, where she plans to talk about “the loneliness of celebrity life”.

The singer will apparently discuss her recent troubles in programme, which is tentative titled ‘For The Record’ and set to air MTV in the US on 30 November.

In a trailer for the documentary, the ‘Piece Of Me’ singer admits: “I’ve been through a lot and there’s a lot that people don’t know.”

Preview footage also sees Spears reflect on her ‘erratic behaviour’ over the past couple of years.

“I sit there and I look back and I’m like, ‘I’m a smart person. What the hell was I thinking?'”

She also discusses living in the public eye, commenting: “I’m kind of stuck in this place and it’s like, how do you deal? And you just cope, and that’s what I do. I just cope with it, every day.”

Britney Spears received-widespread praise for her appearance at the MTV VMAs last month (September 8), following a much-criticised performance at the 2007 ceremony.

Spears’ new album ‘Circus’, meanwhile, is set to be released on the singer’s birthday, December 2.