Britney Spears fingerprinted by police

Singer goes to police ahead of hit and run charges

Britney Spears visited a Los Angeles police station to be photographed and fingerprinted ahead of her hit and run court case.

The singer spent 30 minutes at the station on Monday evening (October 15) after a judge ordered her to submit to the procedures.

Spears was charged last month for allegedly crashing a parked car while driving without a valid licence.

The singer could face up to six months in jail for the August 6 incident, while a conviction would also carry a fine of £490 ($1,000).

She is scheduled in court on October 25.

Officer Mike Lopez said Spears, who applied for a California licence earlier this month, was fingerprinted and photographed before leaving about 45 minutes after having turned herself in.

Lopez said: “She was fine, cooperative. She did her business and came out.”

As previously reported, the singer also revealed the tracklisting for her new album ’Blackout’, which is due to be released on October 29.