Britney Spears will face hit and run charges

LA judge orders the pop star to be booked

A judge has ordered Britney Spears to be booked in her hit and run case.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Rebecca Omens today (October 9) ordered the pop star to appear at a Los Angeles police station before October 25, when she is due to appear in court.

Spears must be photographed and fingerprinted in relation to the charges stemming from the August 6 incident in which she was filmed by paparazzi smashing into someone’s vehicle, then parking her car and walking away.

The car’s owner, Kim Robard-Rifkin, filed a police report three days after the incident. She discovered that Spears hit her car through watching an online video, reports the Associated Press.

Spears‘ attorney said that she intends to compensate Robard-Rifkin for the damages.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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