Tabloid Hell: Dr Phil on Britney: ‘She is at suicide risk’

Psychologist says she has a 'toxic brain'

Famed TV psychologist Dr Phil McGraw has weighed on the snowballing scandals of Britney Spears.

In today’s airing of his TV show Dr Phil Now on CBS, the psychologist analysed the fallen pop-princess’ recent behaviour.

McGraw believes that Spears is at risk of attempting suicide, particularly after the loss of custody of her children, which took effect yesterday (October 3).

“Right now I believe that Britney is so out of control, she probably couldn’t stop this if she wanted to,” McGraw said. “I do think she is at suicide risk, and I think the things that have been at the top of her priority list for so long have been these children. I think at her heart and soul she is a loving and caring mother, but with a toxic brain it’s hard sometimes to do the reasoning.”

He says that Spears recent decisions have been as a result of drug and alcohol abuse.

“If you are addicted to drugs, if you are addicted to alcohol, and I don’t know if she is but there’s a lot of indications that she might have that problem, then I’m not sure that she can trust herself to think through that in a reasonable way.”

McGraw suggested that Britney might need to be admitted to a facility without her consent to receive treatment, saying:

“Maybe she needs to be involuntarily committed, she is not using good judgment at the time she was supposed to be at the hearing yesterday, she was seen at a Shell gas station, and walking her dog.”

And he concluded by saying Spears should avoid the media for now:

“She needs to do the things that she needs to get herself back on track and that means sobriety, focus on the kids and step out of the limelight,” McGraw concluded.

–By our New York staff.

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