Britney Spears faces charges for crushing feet

She’s apparently run over three people already this month

Three people in the last month – two paparazzi and an L.A. sheriff’s deputy – have reportedly had their feet crushed by Britney Spears’ car tires as she’s driven through crowds. Though no one is accusing Britney of malicious intent of any kind, she could still face misdemeanor moving-violation charges.

The incident involving the deputy’s foot occurred earlier this month, reports the L.A. Times, as Spears was leaving the L.A. Superior Court following a custody hearing. Her most recent foot-crushing occurred Thursday, as she rolled out of the Four Seasons Hotel[b/] in Beverly Hills.

Sheriff’s Department officials concede that all witnesses agree the singer was driving slowly, and the photographer hurt Thursday was slow to move out of the way of her car. An official accident report has yet to be completed.

On the plus side, an online auction of the photographer’s sock, tracked with Britney’s very own tire-tread, raised $650 for the Children’s Defense Fund.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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