Tabloid Hell: Kevin tries to have Britney arrested?

And Britney's reported to be tipping-off paparazzi herself

Kevin Federline is reportedly heading to the Los Angeles Superior Court this morning alleging that ex-wife Britney Spears was driving without a license at the weekend.

Spears has regularly been seen lately with her two young children Jayden James and Sean Preston in the car, despite the fact that she does not have a California drivers license.

Life & is reporting that as part of the custody battle for the two children,Federline’s laywer Mark Vincent Kaplan will allege she has been committing driving offenses.


Spears was involved in a hit and run in August when she ran into a parked car in a car park in Los Angeles and fled the scene, despite the fact that the incident was filmed and photographed by paparazzi. She faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Sun Times today is today reporting that Spears is “is doing everything she can to make sure she’s photographed almost daily.”

The report says that “Sources at both the Four Seasons and Beverly Wilshire told me the singer and actress often calls the hotels herself, asking “What press junkets are going on today?” — to determine if stars will be present, to guarantee the paparazzi will be lurking outside.”

–By our New York staff.

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